what we do

Akrowa has an innovative development project that aims to promote a committed network between citizens from Ghana and Danish students. The project aims to facilitate cultural understanding, knowledge sharing and cooperation between our two communities. In addition, the project builds on a previous effort that involved sending used medical equipment to hospitals and clinics run by Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital and Pentecost Hospital in Ghana.

The project connects Ghanaian and Danish students: Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation seeks to establish a strong bond between Ghanaian citizens and Danish students. By encouraging interaction, dialogue and cultural exchange, the project aims to promote understanding, empathy and cross-cultural cooperation. Through this contact, the participants can gain an insight into each other’s cultures, traditions and way of life, which promotes mutual respect and appreciation. The project is working on sending students from Ghana to Denmark and has already had teams of Danish students in Ghana.

One of the main components of Denmark, Akrowa is the facilitation of the exchange program is; in collaboration with SO-SU East Jutland, ZBC, So-Su South Denmark, is to arrange exchange opportunities for Ghanaian and Danish students. These programs allow students to delve into each other’s educational systems, learn from different perspectives and develop a global mindset. By living and studying together, participants build lasting friendships and develop a deeper understanding of cultural diversity.

Akrowa encourages collaborative projects between Ghanaian and Danish students. These projects focuses on different areas such as sustainable development, healthcare, education, job creation and more. Through joint initiatives, participants can leverage their unique skills and knowledge to tackle challenges facing both societies. By working together, they can find innovative solutions and create a positive impact in Ghana and Denmark.

Since 2006 , the project has involved sending used hospital equipment to health facilities run by Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital, – Pentecost Hospital., Dormaa Presbyterian Nursing college and Care4Aged. This collaboration continues in combination with the exchange and aims to support health infrastructure in Ghana.

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