Local Partners

Pentecost Hospital.


It’s a private medical facility established in May 1997 to offer modern health care to the over-populated community of Madina. Currently, it is the referral hospital for all hospitals and clinics in the whole Ga-East municipality. The medical facility for geriatric care for aged on the AA-LF program…..and a practical field for nursing students from various institutions including  and Social & Health-care college in Århus Denmark.   It also offers hospital experience to trained caregivers on the AA-LF project. This hospital offers free of charge medical care for the aged on AA-LFs programe. In return AALF sources medical equipments from Denmark free of charge for the hospital. The care-givers on the project and families also receive free medical care.



Ark Life Founddation


I-Care Health Training College, trains volunteers free of charge for the programe. In return AA-LF sources educational materials from Denmark for the college. Students from the social and health -care colleges in Denmark come to this college to share knowledge

   DSC_5599DSC_5573ADD_4470ADD_4438                                                                    Students from Social & Health-care College Århus sharing knowledge with their counterparts

Accra Premier Lions’ Club

A branch of the Lions’ Club International, the APLC has partnered AA-LF in most of it free eye-screening exercises by supporting advertisement and provision of other logistics. One of its partnership agreements is to monitor the operations of AA-LF and offer advice from time to time.

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