About Us

Akrowa has an innovative development project that aims to promote a committed network between citizens from Ghana and Danish students. The project aims to facilitate cultural understanding, knowledge sharing and cooperation between our two communities. In addition, the project builds on a previous effort that involved sending used medical equipment to hospitals and clinics run by Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital and Pentecost Hospital in Ghana.

The project connects Ghanaian and Danish students: Care4Aged seeks to establish a strong bond between Ghanaian citizens and Danish students. By encouraging interaction, dialogue and cultural exchange, the project aims to promote understanding, empathy and cross-cultural cooperation. Through this contact, the participants can gain an insight into each other’s cultures, traditions and way of life, which promotes mutual respect and appreciation. The project is working on sending students from Ghana to Denmark and has already had teams of Danish students in Ghana.

Care For Aged is a non-profit organization not intended to create wealth. We are not bound by political interests. We work to improve conditions and quality of life for elderly, disabled and disadvantaged groups in Ghana.

Motto: “They helped you to grow your teeth, help them when they are loosing their teeth”

Students from the Østjylland / ZBC and  Silkeborg -care colleges on practicals in Ghana – Dormaa Presby Hospital


The International Co-ordinator of the South Social & Health-care visited the Tabitha aged care center in Pokuase (Ghana)


Sarah “care-giver” attends to her client. (Abokobi)


Below you can see a video with Niels Vestergaard of social & health-care college, Århus presents danish elder-care in Ghana, at the first international conference on health-care for the elderly:

Below you can see Eva Tabor at conference on Ageing in Ghana:

.Witch hunt of women in Ghana:

(Videoclip from C|Net)

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