Video 2 -“Woman is Satan”

Comfort Obodai 89 yrs, has been accused of being a witch and has been abandoned, abused, refused, rejected and forgotten. She was only getting help from her 11 yrs old grand-daughter who has been forced out of school. She couldt´t walk and had to “poo-poo” under her tattered straw mattress she slept on for ages. Her roof was leaking, the floor un-cemented, walls dilapidated and eaten up by erosion. She had pieces of rags stuffed in her ears to prevent ants from crawling in. Her only daughter had not shown up in two years.

Here She tells about her sickness, as it gets worse since she has no money to pay for her medication.

 comfort comfort2 comfort3

On one side of her walls it’s written “woman is satan”

Aalf gave her a “home make over”. Her roof repaired. Aalf offered her with a care-bed, matress, walking frame, and a assigned a helper who comes to her home on daily basis to help with her basic needs.

Aalf has sent her 11 yrs old grand-daughter back to the classroom.

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