Our objectives

combat poverty:farmto achieve significant reductions in financial hardship and social exclusion, and mitigate their worst effects. We want a state pension that meets the needs of the poorest, a dramatic reduction in avoidable deaths, vast improvement in the take-up of the benefits to which older people are entitled, and improved livelihoods for deprived older people in deprived communities.



Ada 2reduce isolation: to decrease the number of older people experiencing loneliness and isolation. We want fewer older people feeling cut-off from society, protection from the harsh costs of basic services




GHANA 2012 059challenge neglect: to secure the delivery of consistently accessible, good-quality care, addressing the biggest threats to health and well-being. We want social care services to meet demand, older people to benefit from biomedical advances and social policy developments, a lower incidence of falls, stroke and dementia, joined-up health and care services, and stronger protection against elder abuse.




defeat ageism: to win equality and human rights for disadvantaged older people, enabling them to escape from deprivation. We want age discrimination outlawed in employment, goods and services, older people to have equal rights in health and social care, and greater involvement of older people in shaping the policies and services that affect their lives.




P1080534prevent future deprivation: to reduce those at greatest risk in the future by stimulating prevention as well as cure, through research and other means. We want greater availability and better access to low-level social services support, better circulation of information on health, wealth and well-being so that people can change their life styles for the better and increased healthy life expectancy



Image0050encourage functional literacy among adult: get the aged form literary groups and benefit from the experiences and …of their peers who had had the benefit of formal education. Retired educationists are encouraged to part functional literacy to their unfortunate aged colleag


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