Adopt A Grandparent

Adopt a grandma or a grandpa !

You may adopt a grandma or grandpa. Read about the lives of a grandpa or a grandma and make a choice. Indicating how you wish your donation is used for your adopted grandpa or grandma. Also indicate in what ways you wish to receive regular information about your adopted grandma or grandpa. You may also indicate if other un-adopted grandpas or grandmas could benefit from your donation to your adopted grandpas or grandma.

You may adopt more than one grandpa or grandma. You may wish to explain your choice.

Fill out the adoption & sponsorship agreement form:sponsorship form

Mail it to us: Contact

Don’t forget to indicate the regularity of your donation and the amount and mail it to us; Contact

AALF helps Comfort.

comfort  comfort2  comfort3 medicalteam3                                                                            Comfort Obodae.88yrs lost relationship with her family.She has been accused for being a witch. Her 11 year old grand daughter is forced to stay with her to help her.For this reason she can’t go to school Aalf heard her story and have assigned her to a care-giver.


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