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Why we need you


More than one in ten of the poorest people in the world are over 70. Many survive on less than a dollar per day, often whilst caring for grandchildren orphaned by abondoned parents. In these exhausting circumstances, it is almost impossible to move on from a life of grinding poverty.

These eldely people need your support. Their grandchildren and their communities depend on them, but without enough food, the right medicines and the resources to make a living in the long term, life is very, very hard.

You can make a difference. Your fund through Sponsor a Grandparent will change lives in Ghana – not just one life, but the lives of a whole community.How your money helps

When you sponsor a grandparent, you are changing lives and you get to share in the hope that your support makes possible. This is a two-way relationship and that’s what makes it special.

In return for your sponsorship, you’ll receive a photo of your grandparent and details of their life and community, and information on the country they live in – you can download or receive these by email as soon as you sign up.

Two times in a year, you’ll hear the latest news from your grandparent, letting you know how they and their community are getting on and how your money is making a difference. You’ll also receive a Sponsor a Grandparent newsletter three times a year, keeping you up to date with the work we do in all six villages.


Send your love

Send your love by supporting grandparents and their children and communities who depend on them. For 100kr a month you can change lives for the better forever.


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Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation

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8200 Århus N.


E-mail; carefortheaged@aalf.info

Tel: +45 50 35 20 38




Larry Richard Tetteh

(National coordinator)

Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation

Po box ct 4017,

Cantonments Accra.


E-mail: richard@aalf.info

tel:+233 (0)244029216

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