Video 3 – “medical team”

Aalf’s “Medical Team” consists of a doctor, 5 nurses, 20 volunteer helpers, and a physiotherapist. They come to the homes of the aged on the Aalf project and give them the help they might need.

They also travel far to remote areas to help and advice both the young and the old. In this village (Adenkrebi) children take care of their grand-parents instead of going to school.

medicalteam medicalteam2 medicalteam3

There are girls from the ages of 12 / 13 who have 2 – 3 kids each, and their men have left the village to the big cities to find work. Here Aalf’s medical team advices the young mothers to use condom and how to care for their children, and advice the elderly on how to keep strong and healthy.


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