Collins Woode, a Ghanaian musician travelled to Denmark in connection with his music career. At a language school, he found acquaintance with Social & health care college in Aarhus and was surprised that there was an education for caring for the elderly. In his homeland, he is accustomed to the elders social exclusion and isolation. They were seen as witches, as they only cast death and hardships upon people. Most of the time, they are sent to witch camp isolation

Today, Collins is a trained social and health-care helper and a member of FOA. His understanding of the Danish health care system for elderly people, led him to establish  Aged-Life Foundation (AALF) in Ghana to support the elderly. In 2017 the organisation changed name to Care For Aged.

Currently the organization is building a social and health-care college to train volunteers to take care of the elderly professionally. This  project would create job openings for the uneducated and unemployed young people in this profession.

It is also a strategy to ensure job after training for young men and women as a way to stop them from immigrating to the big cities or Europe to seek greenr pastures, leaving the children in the villages to take care of the elderly.

The project is also to remove the  responsibility from the children, so that they can go to school if they can.

Collins talks to the elderly about health insuarance

Collins talks to the elderly about health insuarance


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