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Together we can make a difference to the lives of older people in Ghana, together we can put the spark back into the lives of the aged, together We rekindle the flame of joy in the lives of the vulnerable aged and together We show them true love and fill their lowly hearts with the inner strength to continue to see life in its entire sweetness. Together we can make old-age a welcome life experience. Yes, together, we can.

How your money helps: More than one in ten of the poorest people in the world are over 60. For many elderly people in the developing countries, surviving on less than a dollar a day is hugely impossible to move on from a life of dependency and grinding poverty. For a 10 dollar a month, you make a tangible difference to the life of 162 (still rising) vulnerable elderly people benefiting from our ” hope for the aged” project. Not only would your regular donation provide basic essentials such as medical care, clothing etc, but would also help to develop a long-term income generation schemes that restore dignity, self-respect and hope to the elderly. Your donation would help us complete a training school for volunteers, a 12 bed emergency home & activities center for the elderly.

22 bed emergency home & training school under construction

In return for your philanthropic donation:You´ll receive photos of your adopted grandparent, a short biography and details of the community your donations revive, along with detailed information about Ghana and it´s people

You are guaranteed a mention in the planned quarterly bulletin of Aalf.

Twice a year you are entitled to individual reports to keep you updated on how your grandparent and the community is benefiting from your donation.

For your donations & adoption of a grandparent download agreement here: Sponsorship agreement (PDF)

Order your copy of CD “Mr. Mensah” you can listen to samples of the music right from here:

Please get your copy now!

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