Internship in Ghana makes the world goals concrete

9 Social & Health-Care assistant students from So-Su East Jutland, ZBC, So-Su Silkeborg have embraced Ghana and learned why the World Goals are important.
From 19 July to 18 December 2003, 9 social and health assistant students from So-Su Østylland, ZBC, So-Su Silkeborg took the last part of their education in Ghana, in  home care, nursing colleges and hospitals.  They attended classes at the Presbyterian Nursing and Midwifery College. During the classes, the students created a plan prepared for the next students to equip the local students and volunteers on the project with the aim of teaching the UN Global Goals                                                                                                           The next so-su assistants to Ghana March 202 vinnie 4   

Vinnie & Marlene from So-Su Syd visits to CARE4AGED So-Su Østjylland -So-su Silkeborg & ZBC students i praktik. Dormaa Presbyterian Hospitalet

So-Su Østjylland -So-Su Silkeborg & ZBC students on internship. Dormaa Presbyterian Hospital

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This is Augustina who´s popularly known within her community in the Shai Osudoku District as AMEN. She  was born with some deformity that prevented her from walking normally. She was discovered  during one of our community outreach programs. The team realised that despite her disabilities, Amen worked very hard by attending to her own provision shop. The team also realised that if she could have a means of comfort with her mobility, she would be able to do a lot for herself, her son and live comfortably. It was on this note, the organisation through its Danish partners  (Aalborg Workshop) donated the automated mobility wheel chair to her. She is back on her feet and goes anbout her business of supplying essential commodities to her village. Now shes  supporting her family comfortably.

Niels Vestergaard of So-Su Østjylland  helps to attend to a client. 

On these pages you can learn more about our work in Denmark and Ghana.

Meet our partners in Ghana: CARE 4 FOR AGED OUTREACH

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