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AA-LF purchases tractors for income generation project.

Akrowa has secured two tractors and accessories with the support of Dr. John Tetteh of Diknow, UK, & FOA Copenhagen for a farming venture that would see the aged put their experiences at the disposal of the youth in the communities as they lead the way in organic farming.

Knud Erik Asak inspected and test-ran the tractors, overhauled by students of Grenå Produktionsskolen in Denmark.

Together with the students, Christian and Steve and supported by Headmaster Ralph, the equipment comprising various makes of ploughs, tillers, harrowers and a water pump were mounted onto the tractors for demonstration on a farm at Otinibi Village in Ghana.

The farming project is expected to be a source of funding to meet needed drugs for the aged and to alleviate poverty, evident everywhere. It is established that the rural economy will thrive under sustained and increased amount of agricultural mechanization to help with the heavy jobs on the farm as well as providing water for irrigation.

The income generated from this equipment will allow for a more rapid development of our elderly social centre and quickly impacting the lives of an increased number of elderly people and the community at large.

AA-LF purchases tractors for income generation project AA-LF purchases tractors for income generation project

Please Contact us if you have any contacts that may be useful in sourcing this equipment, or companies that may wish to sponsor individual pieces of equipment.

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